Case Study RR: 1

RR1 was charged under the IPC 376 and POSCO act. He spent two and a half years in the Gautam Buddha Nagar Prison. He was

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Case Study RR: 2

A resident of Meerut, RR2 came to Distt. Ghaziabad Prison in 2015, charged with IPC 420 and was released in 2019. Before coming to prison,

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Case study IP:1

IP1 lived in a village of Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. He is one among nine siblings – seven brothers and one sister. He was charged under

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Case study IP:2

IP2 is a 40-year-old Creche Peer Leader who loves to spend time with children. She is a loving mother to 3 daughters, the youngest of

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Case study ECCD:1

ECCD1 and her younger brother came to prison when they were 1 year old and a month old, respectively and both have not seen and

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Case study ECCD:2

For a boy of 4, ECCD2, his entire world is the prison where he lives with his mother. ECCD2 was born in the spring of

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