Founded by Dr.Kiran Bedi

India Vision Foundation aspires to contribute towards a crime free society

By initiating reformation programs for prison inmates and reintegration opportunities to released inmates for the reduction in recidivism also facilitate welfare programs for their children to save them from becoming victims of their parental incarceration.

Progressive Change

Through Positive reinforcement, education and values that help them become an asset to Society.

Rebuild Lives of Children

Through Education Projects that comprise of Creche Program and Children of Vulnerable Families Program.

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Lives that were inspired and saved

Over the years, India Vision Foundation has impacted over 4,61,170 people and will continue to inspire and save.

Naveen Kumar Singh

Mr. Naveen Kumar Singh* spent over 3 years in incarceration and was then released on bail. He hails from a village in Bihar and by



Background:  Madhu* is a 34 -year- old female inmate, incarcerated on charges of IPC 498, in the year 2015. She has three children and her


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Despite the goals’ ethos of “leaving no one behind”, recognising people in prison is noticeably absent from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Indicators relevant to fulfil the goals are proposed while meeting the prison health standards. The political, social and economic challenges alongside the unparalleled COVID-19 pandemic that can resist the realisation of the SDG’s is a crucial part of our assessment.


Lives that YOU can inspire and save

By giving a tax-deductible gift to India Vision Foundation today, you are ensuring that individuals inside prisons are skilled and trained enough to lead respectable life after their lives in prison.

Join hands with us in our endeavour to bring the change we all desire by helping their families and strengthen our mission to #SaveTheNextVictim.


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India Vision Foundation
India Vision Foundation2 days ago
Stress #Management can help mind and body to adapt and deal with setbacks. Training of prison officials on stress management is necessary to recalibrate and deal with challenges of the overbearing and negative environment of #prisons.

India Vision Foundation would like to thank HCL Foundation for their support in organising Stress Management #training in Distt Jail Ghaziabad and helping the Foundation in sensitising prison officials towards prison reforms.

HCL Uday Kiran Bedi Saina Ruzbeh Bharucha Monica Dhawan
#positive #mentalhealth #sensitization #stressfree #ngo
2 days ago
The Foundation would like to thank @HCL_Foundation for their support in organising Stress #management #training in Distt Jail Ghaziabad and helping the Foundation in sensitising prison officials towards prison reforms. #NGO
@thekiranbedi @SainaRBharucha @monicadhawanivf https://t.co/R0Br0k8kHd
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