Inside Prison Program

After serving their term in prison, many inmates go through a series of mental health issues. This experience is highly traumatic for many of them. Getting back to “normalcy” is extremely difficult and requires a lot of care and support. At India Vision foundation, we developed The INSIDE PRISON PROGRAM that aims to reform inmates (male, youth, female) under its 4S model of reformation.

Early Childhood Care Development Program (ECCD)

India Vision Foundation firmly believes in the saying, “Children are the future”. The ECCD Program mainly engages with children of prison inmates and it has been developed to ensure all children under the age of 6 years have quality access to early childhood development, care and pre-primary education. The intention has been to educate and equip these children with tools that will empower them.

Children of Vulnerable Families Program (CVF)

The program aims to mainstream & educate the children of incarcerated families after the age of 6 years; ensure their all-round development through various interventions to help them accomplish their academic, social, emotional goals and save them from becoming a victim of their parental incarceration.


Reintegration & Rehabilitation Program

It enables the released inmates to embark on a new journey by putting their prison life behind. The aim of this program is to help the inmates recognize their talent and strengthen their self-respect. This reduces the chances of reoffending and in turn, helps them smoothly reintegrate back into society.

Training for Prison Officials

This training program aims at sensitizing prison officials about prison reforms. While it is essential to bring physiological and psychological changes to the inmates, it is equally important that the prison officials develop a sense of empathy, learn how to resolve prison problems, learn how to see the inmates as work in progress and treat them like a human resource and help create an environment favourable for the emotional, social, physical and psychological development of the inmates.