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Hope, Help, and the Tools for a New Life

Imagine being born in a prison. That your world consists of clanging bars, angry voices, and the echoing din of bodies shuffling around barren rooms and dirt-packed yards. Imagine this prison is your home until you’re six years old. That you and your playmates are surrounded by severely traumatized mothers and adults who...

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अलग राह

पाठक, कुछ लोग हर तरह से अलग होते हैं। सभी अनुकूलन हाथ में हाथ डाले खड़े हैं; लेकिन उन्हें एक अलग आसमान बुला रहा हैं। आज हमारी कहानी की नायिका है- मोनिका धवन। बेहद सहज व्यक्तित्व। आसानी से किसी को भी अपना कर लेना। आश्वस्त रूप से, तिहाड़ जेल में किरण बेदी के...

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Ma’am आवाज नहीं आ रही (Ma’am, you are not audible) Life in the new classroom

We have been a part of this sit-at-home routine for over six months, waiting for that one day where the news channels say, out loud, “we are safe now, let’s go back to our old lives.”. The lockdown was Announced so suddenly that it did not leave people witch any other choice but...

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Diwali Celebration with India Vision Foundation Family

Why are celebrations important at workplace? Celebrations sans any hierarchy, offers a chance for all contributing to the success of their company or organization. It is an opportunity to feel valued and equal for all who work together. Often it is seen that the higher ups tend to remain aloof and introvert and confined in...

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