From Confinement to Inspiration: Shakeel’s Journey with India Vision Foundation

In the district jail located in Dasna, Ghaziabad, a remarkable transformation took place in the life of Shakeel Amiruddin, an illiterate prisoner who had been incarcerated for 11 years. 

Emerging from confinement, Shakeel emerged not just as a free man, but as a poet and an inspiration to many. 

His journey from imprisonment to creative expression is a testament to the power of education and encouragement, particularly through the efforts of the non-governmental organisation India Vision Foundation.

Confinement and Struggles:

Shakeel Amiruddin, a resident of Loni, Ghaziabad, found himself behind bars in 2011, embroiled in a murder case. Illiterate and with limited educational opportunities, Shakeel faced numerous challenges during his initial days in jail. Without the ability to read or write, he struggled to find his place within the confines of the prison walls.

Education and Transformation:

However, Shakeel’s fortunes took a turn when representatives from the India Vision Foundation took an interest in his story. Upon learning about Shakeel’s struggles, they recognized an opportunity for transformation. Shakeel expressed his desire to learn, to acquire the skills that had eluded him for so long. 

Responding to his aspiration, NGO officials arranged for Shakeel to pursue a diploma from IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University).

Emergence of a Poet:

During his educational journey, Shakeel discovered a newfound passion for poetry. Despite his initial struggles with literacy, Shakeel began to compose small poems, exploring his emotions and experiences through verse. 

His talent did not go unnoticed, and during a jail program, when he recited one of his poems, he captivated the audience, garnering widespread appreciation and admiration.

Publication and Recognition:

As Shakeel continued to hone his craft behind bars, his confidence soared. Encouraged by the positive reception of his poetry, he delved deeper into the world of literature and expression.

In 2022, upon his release on bail, Shakeel accomplished a remarkable feat: he authored a book titled “Gul-e-Muqaddas”. This book, a culmination of his experiences and reflections, was launched on January 3, 2024, with the Superintendent of Dasna Jail, Alok Singh, presiding over the event.

Impact and Encouragement:

The journey of Shakeel Amiruddin serves as a powerful example of the transformative potential of education and encouragement, even within the confines of a prison. Superintendent Alok Singh lauded Shakeel’s achievements, emphasizing the importance of nurturing the interests and talents of inmates. 

In a place where time may seem stagnant, Shakeel’s story highlights the possibility of personal growth and creative expression, regardless of circumstance.


The journey of Shakeel Amiruddin is not merely a story of personal triumph; it is a narrative that resonates deeply with the human experience. It speaks to the indomitable spirit that resides within each of us, capable of overcoming even the most daunting of challenges.

Shakeel’s transformation from a confined prisoner to an inspirational figure is a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and the unwavering pursuit of education and self-improvement.

In the face of adversity, Shakeel refused to succumb to despair. Instead, he seized the opportunity presented by the India Vision Foundation and embraced the chance to better himself. 

Through his unwavering commitment to learning and self-discovery, he not only acquired knowledge but also unearthed a hidden talent – poetry. His newfound passion for literature became a beacon of light in the darkness of his confinement, illuminating a path towards self-expression and personal growth.

The support and encouragement provided by organizations like India Vision Foundation played a pivotal role in Shakeel’s journey. 

Their belief in his potential, coupled with their unwavering support, empowered him to defy the limitations imposed by his circumstances. With their guidance, he found the courage to pursue his dreams and strive for excellence, regardless of the obstacles that stood in his way.

As Shakeel continues to inspire others with his words, his story serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of art, education, and encouragement. It underscores the importance of investing in individuals like Shakeel – individuals who, despite facing insurmountable odds, refuse to relinquish their hope and determination. 

Quotes from Shakeel’s Poetry:

  • “ये दुलारा वतन हमारा, हम सब की है जान।”
  • “बुलन्द कर लो अब खुद को, ना मानो किसी की सीख।”
  • “वाये लहू ईमान हमारा, इस में नहीं है तिजारत।”
  • “मुल्के मुहब्बत है हमारी, फिर हम क्यूँ रूके हैं।”
  • “अब हर पल खुश रहेगें हम, और सब को खुश रखेंगे।”
  • “छूट कर अब इस क़ैद से, जीना है सभी की भलाई में।”

Through their stories, we are reminded of the boundless potential that lies within each of us and the profound impact that education and support can have on shaping lives and building a brighter future for all.