Children of Vulnerable Families Program (CVF):

Kiran Bedi CVF

The program aims to mainstream & educate the children of incarcerated families after the age of 6 years; ensure their all-round development through various interventions to help them accomplish their academic, social, emotional goals and save them from becoming a victim of their parental incarceration. 

Over the last few years, with continued policy changes related to child welfare at the state and national levels, the India Vision Foundation has been slowly transitioning to the Family Support Model. In the light of new regulations and initiatives of the government for strengthening childcare institutions, India vision Foundation sees more scope in this model.

Why do we need this program?

  • Financial Crisis: The incarceration of one or both earning members of the family puts a financial strain on the children and the caregivers.
  • Social stigma: Due to the incarceration background of the parents, the children are often faced with a social stigma.
  • Increased vulnerability: Increased risk of being exploited by any neighbour/ relatives .kidnapped running away may even get into criminal activities.
  • Forced to take adult responsibilities: The children are forced to take up responsibilities of their parents in their absence.
  • Interrupted formal education: In child’s daily activities get interrupted due to the sudden absence of parents and the to miss out on years of formal education.



Lives that were inspired and saved

Over the years, India Vision Foundation has impacted over 4,61,170 people and will continue to inspire and save.