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Be a part of the journey?

If you find value in our work, align with our ideology of helping inmates and their children and would like to contribute to saving the next victim, then come partner with us. The Foundation continues to invest in fostering relationships with institutions and we are extremely thankful to all our partners & supporters for being a part of this transformational journey. For partnerships & collaborations write to us at communication@indiavisionfoundation.org.in


Support from government bodies

Over the years the foundation has got a lot of support from various government bodies. We are extremely grateful for the continued support and look forward to more such associations.

The Foundation and these government bodies came together to create a unique partnership. One that combines and aligns their strengths to promote transparent, participatory, inclusive and accountable governance. 

We are thankful and are looking forward to exploring the association to its fullest potential.


Be a part of the journey?

sunny nandwani

Sunny Nandwani

Founder & Managing Director,
Acuver Consulting
vathsala ajgaonkar

Vathsala Ajgaonkar

Manager Corporate Communications,
Acuver Consulting
Smriti Krishna Singh

Smriti Krishna Singh

HR Advisor & Coach


Corporate Support

Various corporate organizations have been instrumental in strengthening our endeavour. The value addition from these corporate giants along with support from embassies had ensured that we can expand our footprint in various parts of the country. We continue to grow these associations and expand our reach


Support from around the world

The Foundation has also received a lot of support from donors globally. Apart from adding value and support to our cause, this has also added to our spirits. We feel highly appreciated by the overwhelming support and this only drives us to work harder on the cause.

We thank all the donors from the bottom of our hearts.


Support from our country

The are several individual donors that have contributed to the foundation and added value and support to our cause. We feel touched and are extremely grateful to these individual noble souls to come forward and lend a helping hand.

We thank all the noble souls from the bottom of our hearts.


Support from noble souls

The philosophy of the India Vision Foundation has always been to be proactively involve the members of the civil society, without which sustainable change is impossible.

Keeping this in mind, we encourage and invite individuals for volunteer opportunities and volunteer registrations. Come be a part our vision, our purpose and contribute to the well-being and welfare of the children and their families.

The backbone of every organisation are their volunteers. Not only do they carry the organisations ideals with them but also spread the message far and beyond. This largely helps sensitize the society towards the cause.