We at India Vision Foundation, focus to engage & retain the best talent with skills & commitment to strengthening the foundation’s mission to #SaveTheNextVictim.

We aim to provide exciting career growth with development & learning opportunities to make a real difference in the lives of those from incarcerated backgrounds. As a foundation, we provide equal opportunities based on the relevant abilities and merits without any discrimination in regard to race, national origin, religious beliefs, gender, marital status, or physical disability.




Frequently Asked Questions

Interns can spend a maximum of 3 months working on our project sites or head office at New Delhi. Volunteers can be a part of daily ongoing activities at our project sites or work at the office under a mentor in a particular department. A person who will be staying more than 2 weeks will be considered as a volunteer. Researchers can conduct independent academic work affiliated with an educational institution and/or fellowship. Prospective researchers should send a cover letter and detailed project proposal to  or Permission to conduct research must be granted by India Vision Foundation prior to the researcher’s arrival. Preference is given to applicants who demonstrate that their research will benefit not only their own academic pursuits but also the cause for which the foundation is working

India Vision Foundation accepts internship applications from anyone over the age of 18 who would like to spend a minimum of 1 month working in our New Delhi office or at any of our project sites. Previous experience in relevant fields is an add on. Most of the internships are unpaid so applicants should be able to support themselves during their internship.

Internship application are accepted throughout the year. For more information see the HOW TO APPLY section to download the application.