Who is a good boy?

Who is the good boy?

A “good boy” represents an inclusive and equitable view of gender roles. Such a person shows deep respect for women by carefully listening to their ideas, respecting their goals, and recognizing their autonomy. They reject old preconceptions and biases, promoting gender equality and opposing all forms of discrimination and violence against women. This good boy […]

Cultural Milieu at India Vision Foundation

Celebration of festivals and cultural events organized by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are aimed at fostering not only the values and educating about heritage, culture, and traditions but such events are special days when the NGO team member and the beneficiaries collectively come together to spread cheer, smile, and harmony in the community. This year, I […]

Nurturing Future: The Transformative Power of Prison Creches

“Prisons” and “Creches” are not just any two words; they represent two vastly different worlds. It’s hard to imagine these two elements coexisting in the same setting. However, this unconventional concept of establishing creches within prisons has been gaining recognition for the positive reciprocal effect they have on incarcerated parents and their children.   We […]

What is Children of Vulnerable Families?

What is Children of Vulnerable Families? Children of Vulnerable Families is a program within the India Vision Foundation. It was started in 1994 by Dr. Kiran Bedi. Currently, there are 300 kids in this program, and they are looked after by four members of the Foundation. These children are the most vulnerable and are the […]

What is Gurgaon Jail?

Meera Jhulka talks about Gurgaon Jail

What is Gurgaon Jail? Gurgaon Jail is the district jail of Gurgaon City. It was founded in 1988 and has a capacity of 2400 prisoners. It is considered the model prison. The male and female inmates are separated and have a vocational center in each jail. It is 29.1 km from the Delhi Airport. The […]

Experience in Dst Jail Ghaziabad

One can live their life in their own bubbles with their own expectations and perspectives of the world. One can judge a criminal whether the verdict is out or not as per their liking. One can easily forget the human behind the bars and picture a cruel man who deserves nothing but pain. Such a […]

Project Milaap

Project Milaap

The ongoing pandemic not only posed financial constraints to the prison inmates but also prohibited any family from visiting their loved ones confined within the four walls of the prison. The sole manner in which this gap could be bridged was by phone calls made from the prison to the inmates’ respective family members. Due […]

Silver Lining

“Family is a life jacket in the stormy sea of life.” Family provides us with love and support, it comes to our rescue when we are stuck in the darkest phase of our lives, it is a place where we can share our sorrows as well as happiness. Family plays a major role in the […]

Case Study RR: 1

RR1 was charged under the IPC 376 and POSCO act. He spent two and a half years in the Gautam Buddha Nagar Prison. He was a government schoolteacher before he went to prison. RR1, after coming to prison, started availing   of counselling sessions provided within the prison and started expressing how he always felt technically […]

Case Study RR: 2

A resident of Meerut, RR2 came to Distt. Ghaziabad Prison in 2015, charged with IPC 420 and was released in 2019. Before coming to prison, she was a homemaker and had studied till Class X. She pled guilty and was convicted after three and a half years of being in prison. During her time inside, […]