Who is a good boy?

Who is the good boy?

A “good boy” represents an inclusive and equitable view of gender roles. Such a person shows deep respect for women by carefully listening to their ideas, respecting their goals, and recognizing their autonomy. They reject old preconceptions and biases, promoting gender equality and opposing all forms of discrimination and violence against women. This good boy […]

Cultural Milieu at India Vision Foundation

India Vision Foundation

Celebration of festivals and cultural events organized by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are aimed at fostering not only the values and educating about heritage, culture, and traditions but such events are special days when the NGO team member and the beneficiaries collectively come together to spread cheer, smile, and harmony in the community. This year, I […]

Nurturing Future: The Transformative Power of Prison Creches

India Vision Foundation

“Prisons” and “Creches” are not just any two words; they represent two vastly different worlds. It’s hard to imagine these two elements coexisting in the same setting. However, this unconventional concept of establishing creches within prisons has been gaining recognition for the positive reciprocal effect they have on incarcerated parents and their children.   We […]

What is Children of Vulnerable Families?

What is Children of Vulnerable Families? Children of Vulnerable Families is a program within the India Vision Foundation. It was started in 1994 by Dr. Kiran Bedi. Currently, there are 300 kids in this program, and they are looked after by four members of the Foundation. These children are the most vulnerable and are the […]

What is Gurgaon Jail?

Meera Jhulka talks about Gurgaon Jail

What is Gurgaon Jail? Gurgaon Jail is the district jail of Gurgaon City. It was founded in 1988 and has a capacity of 2400 prisoners. It is considered the model prison. The male and female inmates are separated and have a vocational center in each jail. It is 29.1 km from the Delhi Airport. The […]

Hope, Help, and the Tools for a New Life

Imagine being born in a prison. That your world consists of clanging bars, angry voices, and the echoing din of bodies shuffling around barren rooms and dirt-packed yards. Imagine this prison is your home until you’re six years old. That you and your playmates are surrounded by severely traumatized mothers and adults who are navigating […]

अलग राह

पाठक, कुछ लोग हर तरह से अलग होते हैं। सभी अनुकूलन हाथ में हाथ डाले खड़े हैं; लेकिन उन्हें एक अलग आसमान बुला रहा हैं। आज हमारी कहानी की नायिका है- मोनिका धवन। बेहद सहज व्यक्तित्व। आसानी से किसी को भी अपना कर लेना। आश्वस्त रूप से, तिहाड़ जेल में किरण बेदी के सुधार अलग […]

Diwali Celebration with India Vision Foundation Family

Core Members IVF

Why are celebrations important at workplace? Celebrations sans any hierarchy, offers a chance for all contributing to the success of their company or organization. It is an opportunity to feel valued and equal for all who work together. Often it is seen that the higher ups tend to remain aloof and introvert and confined in their glass enclosure […]