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Diwali Celebration with India Vision Foundation Family

Why are celebrations important at workplace? Celebrations sans any hierarchy, offers a chance for all contributing to the success of their company or organization. It is an opportunity to feel valued and equal for all who work together.

Often it is seen that the higher ups tend to remain aloof and introvert and confined in their glass enclosure of a certain post or designation that has been assigned to them by their parent company or organization by the virtue of their experience, qualification or skills. There is a certain sense of seriousness that they feel they need to practice due to their seniority and in many cases their age factor!

But to my pleasant surprise, I was overjoyed to see that all my team members in the foundation contributed to blurring the boundaries of their positions, designations, hierarchy and ages. They came together for the Diwali celebrations with the single goal of enjoying themselves and spreading joy!!
Since we all consider ourselves as harbingers of hope for our beneficiaries, so this team event was made more memorable by being together in all sense by each and every team member and participating in the fun filled activities like family members!!

Actually, India Vision Foundation is a family that has grown not only in its impact and reach but even in values and functioning. But this Diwali was special, more so because the number of team members has multiplied and as a result the variation in the ages was indeed very interesting. But the format of the event and the kind of interesting activities planned by the Cultural and Outreach team was indeed very entertaining that gave everyone involved a lot of opportunity to have a pleasant time during the course of the day!!

And what a time all had! Each one was full of excitement and happiness that was childlike and infectious. All were singing, dancing and cheering together. There was no competition, no one was envious but all were just making merry and even encouraging their colleague to join him/her in the festivities. It looked as if Diwali was today and the whole team was soaking in that ambience of pure, light hearted fun and festivities. It was indeed a day of frenzied celebration of togetherness and team bonding. All who came from different projects became one in that hall and all who went back were a little sad that the day eventually came to an end.

But all complimented the team behind today’s celebration for their ingenuity and efforts. The gifts, sweets and the lunch were a bonus to indeed a wonderful day for the team that resolved to uphold the values and ethics of this great foundation and work towards fulfilling the vision of its great founder, Dr. Kiran Bedi whose presence was deeply missed!!!

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