Case Study RR: 1

RR1 was charged under the IPC 376 and POSCO act. He spent two and a half years in the Gautam Buddha Nagar Prison. He was a government schoolteacher before he went to prison. RR1, after coming to prison, started availing   of counselling sessions provided within the prison and started expressing how he always felt technically challenged in his professional career and expressed his desire for computer training. With the right amount of motivation, he enrolled himself in the Basic Computer course provided within the prison, attended classes, and passed the exam with a completion certificate.

RR1 was diligent and regular in classes and activities, and soon became the peer leader of Computer Class. RR1’s personality was such that he did not restrict his responsibilities to that of a peer leader for any specific activity but became a leader throughout the prison. He would go from barrack to barrack, motivate inmates, ask them to join the activities. He was extremely helpful to his fellow inmates as well as the organization. He was an active participant for all the workshops and awareness sessions conducted within and took it as his responsibility to ensure the smooth functioning of all activities within the prison. He expressed his desire to do social work within the prison wherein his aim would be to get rid of all the negativity within the prison barracks. Before his release, RR1 was extremely helpful and sensitive towards the foundation that he helped find a new peer leader who would be equally responsible, monitor all the activities and continue the good work after he left. After his release, he faced challenges due to the pandemic and the lockdown. India Vision Foundation extended support by providing ration to his family. RR1 unfortunately had to go back to his village because he and his family found it extremely difficult to survive in the city without a job and estrangement from society and social groups. The foundation continued to provide ration support and e-counselling. He soon got a new job as a teacher in the village, and he also provides tuition classes to community children. Despite moving to the village, RR1 continues to be an active participant of all the virtual sessions conducted by the organization.