Case Study CVF: 1

CVF1 is a class 5 student and is 11 years old. He is enrolled in a government school in Bawana. He’s been with India Vision Foundation for the past 5 years and is part of the Prerana program under CVF. His father was charged with attempt to murder and was serving time in Tihar Jail, Delhi and has been facing issues with alcoholism ever since he got released. His mother is a daily wage labourer and waits to be appointed to new work every day. She is extremely responsible, hardworking, and cooperative. With whatever she earns, she saves most of it to help her children pursue their education and live a nice life. CVF1 has three siblings – 2 sisters and 1 brother, all of them are part of the CVF program. We recognized tremendous potential in CVF1’s younger brother and enrolled him in a public school, while all others continue to study at the government school. Their mother managed to save enough money to buy a second-hand phone so that their children could take part in all the Prerana programs conducted by Children of Vulnerable Families.

Despite all these issues, CVF1’s mother stood up for herself and her children and complained to the community leader and sought help from all possible sources. CVF1 had always been extremely shy and faced issues trying to express himself, but his breakthrough was when CVF organized a fancy-dress competition for Republic Day where he chose to dress up as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. It was quite evident the efforts he put into getting ready for this competition with whatever was available, and all his efforts paid off when he won the first prize. His family was present at the competition as well and they were all extremely happy.

There has been a drastic change in CVF1 after winning this competition, he expressed how he wants to be part of more such competitions, he interacts with people around him way more than he used to. His mother tells us how he is extremely sensitive, mature, and caring. He shared how their entire family lives in an extremely small space because that is all they can afford, and CVF1 offers to sleep outside so that the rest of the family can sleep comfortably.

CVF1 and his siblings are associated with our CVF center in Bawana. They have been part of the remedial classes which are conducted by the CVF alumni. They continued to meet even during the pandemic in one of the houses in the community and practiced the covid and social distancing norms. Apart from this India Vision Foundation helps this family with their monthly ration, learning material, internet data pack. CVF1’s mother was also counselled by Saina Ruzbeh Bharucha under the ‘Paravarik Paramarsh’ session to provide psycho-social wellbeing support for parents and guardians in which she was advised regarding family issues, education, and small-scale business practices.