Case study ECCD:1

ECCD1 and her younger brother came to prison when they were 1 year old and a month old, respectively and both have not seen and lived a day outside of the prison premises, at least none that they can remember. Their parents, both father and mother, are in prison and under trial for the violation of IPC 376. They hail from a poor family where education has been extremely limited. Unlike the privilege of choice that children have on the outside, ECCD1’s peers are other inmates’ children and her sibling.

The foundation’s intervention with ECCD1 has been one from scratch. As a child who has no memory of a day spent outside in the actual world, the foundation recognized the need to help ECCD1 learn and unlearn a lot of things in life. She was taught to speak well, eat well, and maintain hygiene. ECCD1, who grew up and continues to do so, in the convict barracks, she was made to unlearn bad language, the habit of abusing and picking fights and was taught to cooperate, share, and live with peace instead. ECCD1, who is currently 3 years old, is an active member of the creche set up inside the Gurugram prison and she is an extremely radiant, smart, loving, and playful child who constantly expresses her need to get out. She is attentive during the reading and writing classes and is a diligent student. She takes part in all the activities in the creche and enjoys them thoroughly. The organization is working daily to help and prepare her for the world outside, so that whenever she does get out, the transition is as smooth as possible.