Case Study CVF: 2

A boy of 13, CVF2 hails from Bhati Mines, Chhatarpur, Delhi. He was born in Tihar Jail, Delhi when his mother was serving time for murder. He has 2 elder siblings – one brother and one sister. The atmosphere at home is not a happy one and both CVF2’s father and elder brother have issues with addiction both alcohol and drugs. They often come home and disrupt the peace by indulging in domestic violence. CVF2’s mother got to know of the Foundation while she was in prison and reached out for help when she noticed that CVF2 is addicted to mobile phone games. He would play games all day, would not listen to his mother, would not cooperate and was completely detached from everything. She did not want to lose another family member to an addiction of any kind. She was also aware that they live in an extremely infamous community which on the whole has an issue and struggles with addiction.

India Vision Foundation heard her concerns and immediately enrolled CVF2 for counselling sessions under Prerana which were conducted by professionals from Christ University. After 10 sessions with them which were spread out through 5 months, there was a positive change. Not only had he opened up but started taking responsibility for himself. He started following a schedule – going to school, attending tuition classes and showed signs of emotional maturity which he previously lacked. He has started taking part in competitions and is extremely interested in writing quotes. He took part in the Gandhi Jayanti program and quoted a few of his famous sayings. He also participates actively in Yoga and his hobbies include dancing and playing games