Shaping the Social Future

You might have heard about an NGO who works for the welfare of children from poor family background, there are NGOs working for orphan children, children with disabilities, etc. But you might not have heard of NGOs who work for the children on parents who have or had a title of prisoner once. The amount […]

Shadows behind the bars: awaiting justice in Baghpat Prison

In the heart of Uttar Pradesh, Lies Baghpat, which was once called “The Land of Tigers”. Amid the chaos in one of the most populous cities in India, there exists the Baghpat district prison far away from human sight like a fortress of solitude and a crucible of human endurance. Behind these formidable walls, thousands […]

Know All About India Vision Foundation Partnerships-Global & Pan India

Partnerships are the bedrock of impactful social initiatives, facilitating collaboration, resource-sharing, and collective action. For India Vision Foundation, alliances with global entities and pan-India organisations have been instrumental in advancing its mission of rehabilitation, education, and empowerment. From multinational corporations to grassroots NGOs and government agencies, each partner contributes unique expertise and resources, enriching India […]

Helping Empower Women Entrepreneurs

In the realm of empowerment, the journey of women entrepreneurs holds profound significance. While entrepreneurship offers avenues for financial independence and self-realization, for many women, especially those who have faced societal marginalization or incarceration, the path to entrepreneurship is strewn with obstacles. In this context, the India Vision Foundation emerges as a beacon of hope […]

How the India Vision Foundation is transforming lives through inmates’ skill development?

In the shadows of incarceration, where hope often flickers faintly, the India Vision Foundation stands as a beacon of transformation. Within the confines of prison walls, a silent revolution is underway, propelled by the Foundation’s unwavering commitment to reform and rehabilitate inmates through the power of skill development. Through its Inside Prison Program, the Foundation […]

What are India Vision Foundation’s Core Goals?

In the heart of India, where the echoes of freedom ring alongside the cries of the incarcerated, stands a beacon of hope – the India Vision Foundation.  For nearly three decades, this nonprofit organisation has been a guiding light, dedicated to the noble cause of rehabilitating and reintegrating prison inmates back into society. Founded by […]