Simpal* is a 20-year-old happy go lucky girl who hails from the state of Bihar, India. She came in prison on 3rd September under the case IPC 420,365,120B & 34.  Being the elder one among the siblings, she has always tried to support her family financially in all the ways possible. Her father is a heart patient and has undergone multiple cardiac arrests in the past. Simpal’s* mother is a cancer patient, and her younger sister is a school going student, who studies in 6th grade.

Before getting arrested on 3rd September 2020, Simpal* had been working in a company located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh who tricked her into becoming a partaker in the organizational scam. Simpal* has a history of mental depression since childhood and had been struggling with adjustment issues during her initial days in Tihar prison, New Delhi, amidst the pandemic. When in Tihar she suffered anxiety attacks at regular intervals, thereby increasing her dependency on anti-depressant pills on a regular basis.  Recently, she got shifted to Mandoli prison as deemed necessary in her case. When she got to know about a vacant position for the post of a crèche teacher within the prison, she immediately applied for it and eventually got selected for the same.  

For the past one month, her work is being closely scrutinized by the Project Coordinator from India Vision Foundation daily. During one of her counselling sessions conducted by the Project Coordinator when asked about her work and how she has been coping with her mental health concerns, she informed that she has currently been enjoying her work thoroughly and has also observed drastic improvements in her mental health as well. She feels good while spending most of her time with the children in the daytime, and by the evening once she is back to her barrack, she busies herself in reciting prayer hymns and chanting her beads. She wishes to pursue higher education when she gets her bail and wants to continue supporting her family financially, who had been worst affected by her unfortunate arrest.

Simpal* aspires to become a teacher and would like to try her luck in the field of social work as well.  

*Disclaimer: Names have been changed to protect the individual’s privacy and maintain confidentiality.

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