To help prison inmates develop functional skills of reading, writing and simple arithmetic or essential skills of reading, writing and number solving by encouraging prisoners to widen their learning horizons.


Adult Literacy: Skills of basic literacy and numeracy to beneficiaries who have had no educational background so they can read and write and use that learning to study and acquire more knowledge or to help them find jobs once they are outside prison.


E library: Tablets were provided by G4S to ensure mental wellbeing and knowledge enhancement through tablets that were donated by G4S earlier; also to bridge the digital gap so that the inmates can remain updated with the latest events and read inspirational books & watch videos. It will vary from educational books, inspirational books, books that will have samples and examples that they can browse through for getting creative ideas for their activities


E-library was indeed a very innovative approach to help the female inmates avail the digital medium of reading through tablets and connect with the outside world through books, newspaper etc.

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