Prison Project


Serving a prison term, whatever the reason may be, is a very traumatic experience for inmates. Prison inmates mostly find themselves without anything productive to engage in while behind bars. This leads to lack of personal development & employment opportunity after release. Through creative partnerships, we help provide vocational trainings and skills development programs to male and female inmates, which help them to secure employment as well as financial independence post-release.

We are primarily working in following prisons of three states of India Uttar Pradesh(Dasna), Haryana(Faridabad, Gurgaon) & New Delhi(Tihar).

India Vision Foundation with it’s mission to ‘Save the Next Victim’ started with it’s prison project in 1994, Tihar. Under our Weaving Behind Bars we trained female inmates in knitting, crochet and weaving. In 2005, in collaboration with Mobile Creches we started a Creche training program where we trained inmates to be future creche workers.

With vision to empower young minds in 2010 we started to deliver motivation & awareness sessions in Jail no. 7. this had a very effective impact on our inmates in the Jail. Their energies were not only channelized but many altogether had a new outlook towards life.

In order, to expand area of our work we started our work in Gurgaon prison with females from 2012. It took us almost a year to build rapport with female inmates of Gurgaon later we started working similarly with 12 male inmates of Gurgaon and trained them under Jute training program in 2013. Gradually, more and more activities were added for both male & female.

In this process of training & skilling we evolved with a model of working known as 3 S model: Shiksha( Education), Sanskar(Value Education), Skill a holistic way of development of our inmates.

With our on going project in Tihar we initiated a computer learning project in 2014 with female & children. To stay updated with technology we also added a e-library project in 2015 in Tihar.

2015 was a very successful year in terms of collaborations – Imperial auto and G4S became our first supporters in Gurgaon prison. In terms of expansion we moved towards Uttar Pradesh and did a need analysis for Dasna Prison. After this need analysis we realized that Youth ward in Dasna prison Ghaziabad requires immediate intervention from our end. We identified the skill requirements in the youth ward and immediately with effect started working with them. Today, we are working with the youth, female & male ward since 2015 in various capacities.

Similarly, in 2015 we tried to replicate the Gurgaon model in Faridabad district prison.

With our prison project we aim to cover all Haryana prisons by next year. Our vision is to reach more and more district prisons and deliver quality.

  1. Haryana Prisons
  2. Tihar Prison
  3. Dasna Prison
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