Naveen Kumar Singh

Mr. Naveen Kumar Singh* spent over 3 years in incarceration and was then released on bail. He hails from a village in Bihar and by profession, he worked as a science schoolteacher for over 20 years. He is a (Hons.) Graduate and holds an LLB degree as well.

Finding himself in the prison environment resulted in increased psychological tensions within him, leading to severe anxiety issues and depression. India Vision Foundation’s consistent efforts in trying to engage him in their counselling and awareness sessions were successful, making him agree to be a part of its reformation program. Inside the prison, he completed a basic computer course with A+ grade. He hopes that this new skill set will help him gain employment so that he can support his wife and two children, who have been struggling financially, since his incarceration.

He aspires to work with the Foundation and hopes to bring about a change in the lives of other people, who got caught in the system, just like him. Mr. Naveen* is a motivated individual whose presence during awareness sessions is highly appreciated. He never fails to share his thoughts and opinions with other released inmates during these sessions, encouraging other participants to partake with the same vigour. 

*Disclaimer: Names have been changed to protect the individual’s privacy and maintain confidentiality.

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