Background:  Madhu* is a 34 -year- old female inmate, incarcerated on charges of IPC 498, in the year 2015. She has three children and her husband worked as a labourer. Before coming to the prison, F1 was illiterate, who learned stitching, could read, and write and was also able to use computers during her stay inside the prison, with the support of the Foundation. Case History: Madhu* has been a beneficiary of India Vision Foundation’s Adult Literacy, stitching & Computer Classes supported by HCL in Dasna Prison. Through her hard work and dedication, Madhu* not only got educated and imbibed new skills, but she also got the opportunity to teach in all these classes as an elected Peer Leader. She remained attached to the project until she finally was finally released from the prison on bail. Case Intervention by India Vision Foundation: Madhu* lives in Amrala Village with her family. After her release, due to the pandemic, her family suffered a great deal, as her husband, the sole bread earner of the family, lost his job, resulting in meagre to no savings at the end of the day to sustain on. Madhu* approached India Vision Foundation for their support, who then provided her with a sewing machine, empowering her to make impactful attempts in her life contributing towards the wellbeing of her as well as her family. Currently, she works as a tailor and earns a decent livelihood with the stitching ability she had learned inside the prison. Madhu* earned around 25 to 30k with her stitching and tailoring job this year.  

*Disclaimer: Names have been changed to protect the individual’s privacy and maintain confidentiality.

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