Emanuel* is a 3-year-old boy of Brazilian descent. After his mother got arrested in NDPS case, he accompanied her to Tihar Prison, New Delhi. Emanuel* is a very intelligent and active boy, keen to learn new things and likes to play with other children in crèche. Although at times he gets stubborn for petty things, he is very emotionally attached towards his fellow friends. He likes drawing and painting, especially thread painting. He voluntarily partakes in playing building blocks and thoroughly enjoys sensory activities conducted in crèche by the teacher. On Janmashtami, he got dressed up as little Lord Krishna to entertain everybody in the prison. He adored wearing the costume and was seen relishing the celebration to the fullest. All the prison inmates, along with the prison officials were in awe of him. Although the Foundation’s creche activities have restarted after a very long break due to the pandemic, that doesn’t limit him. He is one of the bright children in crèche.

Impressed by his innocence and naughtiness, his teacher wrote a few lines on him in Hindi – एक रचना तिहाड़ कृष्ण इमैनुअल दूर देश ब्राज़ील से आया नन्हा – मुन्ना प्यारा , नटखट ,निश्छल खूब नचाता, नाच हमे है न्यारा , कान्हा बनकर मन में बसता,राधा के संग है वो जचता , स्वाभाविक सा , होठों पर उसका मुरली को धर लेना , ऐसा लगता जेल आ, गयी कान्हा की हो सेना , सबके मन को भाता है वो ,हँसता और हँसाता है वो , उच्छृंखल है और चंचल है , सबका है वो दुलारा दूर देश तूलिका  

*Disclaimer: Names have been changed to protect the individual’s privacy and maintain confidentiality

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