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Child Care Project»

Inside Prison:

We take voluntary responsibility to provide the children of prison inmates with quality care and nurturing whilst enrolling them in our day-care and educational facilities, where they are also provided nutritious food, emotional support & health care. Through facilitated learning and latest methods of teaching in affiliation with our partner schools spread throughout the National Capital Region, we build strong foundations for these children, who without our support would surely have lost their way.
Serving a prison term, whatever the reason may be, is a very traumatic experience for inmates. Especially women. Prison inmates mostly find themselves without anything productive to engage in while behind bars. This leads to lack of personal development& employment opportunity after release. Through creative partnerships, we help provide vocational trainings and skills development programmes to male and female inmates, which help them secure employment as well as financial independence post-release.
Day-Care Facilities (Creche)
Children below 6, staying with their mothers inside prison, end up having to follow prison rules & regulations & are prone to becoming victim to their parents’ conduct. We provide a day-care facility for them inside prisons where they are provided care& education with the help of our dedicated staff.


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