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T h e  C h ro n i c l e s  o f  O u r Yo u n g  O n e s:

We launched our maiden book - ‘Fateh’, this year. ‘Fateh’ is a collection
of stories about some of our children, told by themselves, in their own innocent words, as experienced by them.

It is a compilation of real life accounts of young people who battled extreme circumstances and came out victors. These are children of parents who went to prison. Needless to say, they were in the most pitiable state inside these prisons, for no fault of their own. They were learning the language of criminality for there was nothing else for them. The prison cell was their home.
The stories in this compilation are of children we schooled, who are now moving on to be sound professionals. And it had all started in our care at a ‘play school’ (creche) inside the prison. From thereon, we sent them to residential schools, colleges and employment. They are now all aware of the power of education and are determined to change their lives. And the result is there to see



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