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Serving a prison term, whatever the reason may be, is a very traumatic experience for inmates. Especially women. Prison inmates mostly find themselves without anything productive to engage in while behind bars. This leads to lack of personal development& employment opportunity after release. Through creative partnerships, we help provide vocational trainings and skills development programmes to male and female inmates, which help them secure employment as well as financial independence post-release.


Presently, we are working in four prisons:

Tihar Prison
Gurgaon Prison
Ghaziabad prison
Faridabad Prison


The ongoing activities can be divided under following categories:
Vocational Training
We provide vocational training to men & women prison inmates in different fields of work like cooking, stitching, jute craft, painting, dancing, music, etc., so that post-release they may utilise their skills to reintegrate in to society.


Weaving Behind Bars
Is a vocational training programme for female inmates at Tihar prison. With an aim to create skilled workers and skilled trainers. The training is provided in crochet, knitting & weaving.


Life Skills
Is about mass-scale training and counseling of adolescent inmates in prisons so that they utilise their time constructively while in custody. The trainings include yoga, meditation, personality development, etc.




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